Dec 17, 2010

Materials for today's talk

The files used by Dr Pedroso's talk will be placed in the following directory:

Dec 12, 2010

Dr João Pedro Pedroso from University of Porto, Portugal

On December 17 (Friday), we are going to welcome Dr. João Pedro Pedroso from University of Porto, Portugal. He is Lecturer in Computer Science and was the advisor of Kazuaki Takahashi when he visited Porto under support of Aizu Short Term Abroad Study scholarship ( photos by Kazuaki Takahashi). He is also the supervisor of Rui Jorge Rei, who was studying with us from January to April this year under the support of JASSO scholarship.

He plans to give us a special lecture, titled "An introduction to the Traveling Salesman Problem". The primary audiences of the lecture are the students in the section of the Operating Systems course taught by Hitoshi Oi. However, we plan to make it open to public as the room capacilty allows. The detail will be posted here as it is fixed.

Abstract: One of the most widely studied problems in discrete optimization is the Traveling Salesman Problem. In this talk we will make an introduction to this problem and to strategies that can be used for solving it. We will also present some variants, focusing on applications in subjects related to computer science.

(From Left, Rui, Pedro and Hitoshi).