Oct 16, 2017

Thesis Topic Presentation Today

An orientation meeting to present thesis topics for sophomore students will take place as follows:

Time: 1855-1910
Place: Lecture Hall 201 (M1)

Presentation slides are posted here (subject to revision before/after presentation).

Oct 14, 2017

GreenMetrics Workshop Extended Abstract

We presented an on-going work, titled "A Case Study of Energy Efficiency on a Heterogeneous Multi-Processor" at the GreenMetrics workshop, held in conjunction with the Sigmetrics conference, in June at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

A slightly polished extended abstract has been published on Volume 45 Issue 2 of ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review .

Oct 3, 2017

IEEE Systems Journal

A paper titled "Power Efficiency Study Using SPECjEnterprise2010" was accepted for publication on the IEEE Systems Journal two years ago but it has been finally published on Vol 11, Issue 3 (September).

Sep 4, 2017

Course Assistant for the Operating Systems Needed

Course Assistant for the Operating Systems Needed

Jan 24, 2017

Thesis Presentations

Two senior students of our group will present their theses as follows. (As far as university policy allows), everyone is welcome.

Date: Feb 21 (Tue)
Venue: The University of Aizu, Lecture Hall 205 (M5)

  • From 1450 to 1510, Tsubara Sugiyama, Title Security of IoT Devices
  • From 1510 to 1530, Yasushi Nagao, Title Influence of Microarchitecture on the Performance and Pwer Efficiency