Nov 26, 2012

Special Lecture by Joao Pedro Pedroso

We are pleased to announce the special lecture by Dr Joao Pedro Pedroso, from University of Porto, Portugal. Here are some of the exchange activities between two schools:
  • University of Aizu and University of Porto have singed on the exchange program development. ( LINK),
  • A student from Aizu visited Porto and studied for six weeks under supervision of Dr Pedroso ( LINK),
  • A student from Porto (who is studying for PhD with Dr Pedroso) visited Aizu for three months under JASSO exchange support program ( LINK),
  • Hitoshi Oi has visited Porto several times ( LINK

The detail of his talk is as follows:

Date: December 12,

Time: from 1810 to 1940

Place: University of Aizu, Research Quadangles Bldg, room 281 (S8): Floor plan of the Research Quadangles Bldg is attached at the bottom; Room281 (S8) is marked red.

Title: Optimizing fuel consumption in thermal electricity production

Abstract: Non-nuclear thermal power plants are responsible for emitting a large amount of carbon dioxide, as well as sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. In this talk we will present state-of-the-art solution techniques for unit commitment and load dispatch, which can be used for optimizing fuel consumption when meeting electricity demand with thermal power plants. We will put in evidence the impact that the use of recent models and solvers may have in energy savings and in the reduction of emissions.

Keywords: electricity generation; unit commitment; load dispatch

Bio: Dr Pedroso is Assistant Professor in Departamento de Ciência de Computadores (Department of Computer Science) at University of Porto, Portugal. He has PhD in Computational mathematics, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium. His research interests include, combinatorial optimization, tree search methods, metaheuristics, simulation and machine learning.

Reseach Quadangles 2nd Floor Map