Sep 4, 2017

Course Assistant for the Operating Systems Needed

Course Assistant for the Operating Systems Needed

Jan 24, 2017

Thesis Presentations

Two senior students of our group will present their theses as follows. (As far as university policy allows), everyone is welcome.

Date: Feb 21 (Tue)
Venue: The University of Aizu, Lecture Hall 205 (M5)

  • From 1450 to 1510, Tsubara Sugiyama, Title Security of IoT Devices
  • From 1510 to 1530, Yasushi Nagao, Title Influence of Microarchitecture on the Performance and Pwer Efficiency

Nov 25, 2016

Business Trip

Hitoshi Oi went on a business trip to New York (New York, for IEEE UEMCON 2016 to present a paper), Santa Clara/Sunnyvale (California, to visit DaStratum and Oracle) and Beijing (PRC, for SPEC Symposiums). Phots taken during this trip are available at this photo album.